We not only help with fiscal sponsorships, frameworks, and technical tools, we also uplift the individual, which becomes so important when a project becomes challenging.

Get the Support You Need to Activate Your Idea Now

We use our non-profit framework- which is organized, legal and structured, to help you launch your idea in a safe space with all of the funding, tools, governance advice, and best practices you might need. We are your incubator and partner, enabling you to stay focused on the project delivery, and not get slowed down by administrative blocks. We offer experienced and proven methods, to help you create the most beneficial change for your local regional area. 

  • Fiscal Sponsorship
  • Acceleration
  • Incubation
  • Mentorship
  • Research
  • Community Outreach
  • Crisis Response

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

More specifically, fiscal sponsorship is a contractual relationship between a sponsoring 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Far Away) as the fiscal sponsor and a project, organization, group or individual whose activities fall within the sponsoring nonprofit’s mission. This relationship enables the 501(c)(3) nonprofit to extend certain benefits of nonprofit roles to the sponsored group, such as being able to accept donations that are tax-deductible, without the project group having to go through filing for nonprofit status by itself. Far Away Project is an umbrella organization sponsoring your project.

We built an entire organization so that you don’t have to go through the long process of gaining nonprofit 501(c)(3) status to accept donations AND you can use our organization to catalyze your mission and good work in the world!

Raise funds. Motivate donors. Create something excellent. Focus on your mission and activities – do what you do best on the ground, we will take care of the tax filings and back end!

In order to qualify, you can have a project, be an individual, be applying for your nonprofit status, and waiting on your determination letter. See our Range of Services to understand what Far Away does for you org… a whole lot!

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Fiscal Sponsorship Process Overview

  1. Review our project policies and grant agreement and range of services
  2. Submit the online application.
  3. Far Away Projects’ Board Member review and approval (general timeframe for review, 1-2 weeks)
  4. The director will contact you with written approval or request more information. 
  5. Sign grant agreement.

Have More Questions?

See Our FAQ’s Here

Here’s an Example Grant Review Process with Far Away Project

  1. Projects review the Funders Database or find a grant opportunity elsewhere.
  2. Projects get 2-hour grant strategy call with Desiree – can be broken up into multiple sessions. 
    1. Projects are responsible for verifying grant eligibility before the call, researching the grant requirements, and funder’s interests. 
  3. Participants complete as much of the grant application as possible  
  4. Projects may be given an advisor (if available) to discuss strategy, topics of interest, challenges of the selected grant for a better understanding of how to move forward.
  5. Optional add-on: Projects may have a strategy session with a Grant Committee Member
  6. Projects gather all remaining requested material for grant applications
  7. Final review and approval – by Grant Committee to ensure due diligence before grant can be submitted (send to Grants@FarAwayProject.org.)
  8. Reporting & documentation per the needs and requirements of the funder; the reports also need to be reviewed by the Grant Committee before final submission.

Interested in Becoming an Ambassador?

Here is Far Away’s Range of Available Services

  • Legal Infrastructure of a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Entity, IRS tax-exemption, and charitable registration that you can be a project of.  The fiscal sponsor has incorporated as a nonprofit entity in accordance with the requirements of CALIFORNIA state and UNITED STATES federal law and remains in good standing. 
  • Funding Resources & Sufficiency of Systems – Far Away builds, maintains, and continually improves systems and tools for fundraising, administrative and technical support. 
  • Project Fund Monitoring & Financial oversight – The fiscal sponsor monitors all projects for appropriateness of expenditures and for fiscal solvency and routinely reviews project fund balances down to the level of individual grants.
  • Legal compliance & Legal Signatory –  The fiscal sponsor shall review and approve all contracts, leases, and other legally binding project commitments that name Far Away Project as a holding company.
  • Dedicated Project Support Team – Works closely to help coach, train, and develop strategies for project development and assist with funding.
  • Policy Support (Whistleblower & Conflict of Interest Policies)
  • Advisory support – An advisor to support you in guiding through the process or questions, grant, and valuable connections to further your work. 
  • Media support – Far Away’s presence in the media, social media, website, larger network. 
  • Technical and Management Training Programs  – Access to technical assistance, organization development, and support to grow your organization and project impact.