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Our vision for the Sudan Art and Design Library is to collect, preserve and uplift the cultural legacy of Sudan and nurture the art and cultural capacity of Sudanese people.The specific collections and services of Sudan Art and Design Library will be designed to meet the specific needs of our community and to preserve the cultural patrimony of the Sudan, as well as to nurture future art and cultural production through a variety of different programs.

The highest value driving this project is the power of art to lift a people and provide them with a window to the world. To that end, making references and facilities to create new art available to the public is imperative. To make these freely and widely available will reinforce the values of tolerance, civic participation, and democratic engagement. We trust that promotion of these values will act in a virtuous cycle to bolster the foundations of the new Sudan.

The initial scope will be limited to the collection and dissemination of media related to the arts and design. Initially, we will build a mobile library to take a subset of the collection to underserved areas, and provide access to films and music as well. However, the intention is to have the scope to broaden over time to include research, collection of art objects, and general promotion of the arts.


Mohamed A Elhassan

Main Contact