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Snowball is a platform that empowers and enables people to fight climate change in their day to day life, as part of a global community of change.

We have an early test site, which has allowed us to learn what our users want from the platform and how best to engage them and excite them about the future. We’ve taken these insights and the advice of many climate experts, to develop a prototype that we believe could form the foundations of a global movement of change.

A scalable platform, built around community and collective action, on which people can drive the solution to climate change themselves.

We believe that if we are to combat the climate crisis, we need all those little actions we each take every day to be part of one movement. A movement that can gather momentum and that empowers anyone in the world to be part of the solution.

The funds will allow us to develop the prototype in to a working product and to coordinate a high impact launch. Our target is then to help over 100,000 people take action on climate change within the first year post launch.

There are a number of new apps and new websites that have identified the same opportunity and are trying to do something similar. But Snowball is different. We motivate with positive impact (not carbon footprints), we inspire change with social normalisation and social validation, we give control to our members, we have a clean modern brand, we are non-profit, we focus on the collective not the individual and we have big, big ambitions.

We really do believe in what we’re trying to build and we would love the support of anyone who shares that belief and would like to help us create something that could change the world.

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