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We empower women & indigenous communities, resourcing their leadership in the utilization of agro-ecology and innovation to reverse climate change through the rapid regeneration of degraded lands. Our projects help local leaders connect, learn, and act. Together we improve gender equity, local food sovereignty, food and nutrition security, and work to deliver climate justice.

Regenerative Farms is a global alliance of highly effective social entrepreneurs who are collaborating with donors, corporate value chain partners, consumers & impact investors to connect local led farmer training centers with the best technology and tools available. 

Our approach brings multi-layered solutions designed to help women gain more equitable access to the resources they need for greater security and resilience. Our model helps enable them to develop regenerative enterprises derived from multi-strata agroforestry systems which restore degraded soils and drawdown and store carbon. 

Their work restores many important ecosystem services and improves gender equity needed for them to be able to climb out of poverty for good. 

Your support helps us more rapidly scale our model to more women who in turn help their regenerate their landscapes and communities. Collectively we can solve the UN SDG’s and reverse climate change.

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