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We are a humanitarian organization globally serving as a bridge of love, connection, and support to our brothers and sisters in crisis. Our current love mission is working with asylum seekers and refugees on both sides of the border serving as a connector to transitional housing, clothing, food, legal aide, sponsorship, employment, education, medical and mental health needs, as well as community. We have seen a number of people through the detention process and into the homes of their United States sponsors, and have even accompanied them to ICE appointments, enrolling them in ESL classes and connecting them to their new homes with community dinners, one on one social engagements and outings.

In Mexico, we are currently partnered with a migrant shelter in Tijuana called Espacio Migrante connecting their residents to donations and legal aid. In addition, we also recently partnered up with an organic farm in Rosarito to build housing structures for transitional migrant families, a commercial kitchen for artisan food production line and job training program while people go through their various immigration processes. We will provide paid work when legal, and provide scholarships/grants/work-live-study-trade when not legal. We were fortunate to match the skills of a family living in the shelter with the needs of the farm, and move them out of Espacio Migrante and onto the farm receiving housing and paid work.

In partnership with the organic farm landowners, we are putting together drawings for a proposed commercial build-out in Playas de Tijuana. The proposed multi-unit structure the size of a strip-mall will have 15-20 units for migrant families in our education/work/training program and 10 units for paying tenants providing an integrative and nurturing atmosphere for locals and immigrants alike. The ground level will be filled with food and wellness businesses run by immigrants living in the building and in our program. The rooftop will have a garden and one bedroom apartment for the program manager, and another unit in the building will be designated for an on-site building manager.

The idea is to connect people to the tools that they need to get to the next stage of their journeys. We are also looking at property in Los Angeles to create a similar urban model housing and feeding “x” amount of people who have just been released from detention and are in need of housing and healing before they go to their sponsors or otherwise. We will offer a Work-Education/Live trade during the six month waiting period before they can legally work where they will learn various skills (Bed & Breakfast Skills; gardening/landscaping/permaculture/wine production), take English classes, eat well, exercise, learn tools to deal with trauma and anxiety through offering teachings in meditation and many other healing modalities including learning how food and herbs can serve as medicine for the body and spirit. We are the highest point of an arched bridge there to love and guide people to the next steps of their journey. Serving asylum seekers and refugees is only one love mission. We serve so many others.

One Family One Love is also supporting a migrant orphanage in Tijuana and will be fundraising to bring their building structures up to code as well as supply and connect them to their clothing and food needs. We serve where we are called.

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