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The Global Kindness Initiative trains, supports, and inspires community and organizational leaders around the world to create direct, actionable, positive change. 

We do this work through highly interactive and engaging talks and trainings, impactful consulting around strategic communication for individuals and organizations, and the creation and dissemination of frameworks and resources for educational professionals and community leaders to create positive change in their local communities and organizations. Through GKI’s KindSF program, our vision is to transform the ways in which activism and civic engagement are part of public life. 

KindSF creates spaces for community to grow together through empowering and connective experiences. We throw events and host gatherings that give people the opportunity to connect over the challenges we face, and leave them with the excited feeling that comes when you see the power of collective action. Through these events and connection to community, people will be empowered to make change in their lives and local communities.  Through experiential community events like silent disco trash cleanups, coordinated city-wide community cleanups, tree planting dance parties, conferences, retreats, action salons, emotional processing gatherings, and more, we are creating a space for people to make real changes in their communities, build connection with others, and collectively take action against the biggest challenges we face as a planet. 

Simultaneously, we are modeling out the frameworks through which our work is effected, providing the means for new chapters of this movement to spring forth in cities around the world. Our goal is to create a network of action hubs across the world, each engaged in positive activism and community building that is tailored to the culture of the region.  By giving people easy and fun ways to get engaged in taking care of our world, we are building a large community of people ready to act together when big moments come, like elections, demonstrations, and other actions at scale.  

We also partner with values-aligned organizations and movements on the front lines of change, to provide talks, consulting, training, and coaching around environmental awareness, culture building, community building, event organization, and effective communication.  

Part of KindSF’s mission is to make environmental action as engaging, effective, and accessible as possible. Most of the events we throw are free or very low cost, and aim to disseminate knowledge, skillsets, and connections to the communities that need it most.

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